Our Vision

Natalie's Vision

Raising daughters in the UK is no easy feat, and raising daughters who are Black is even harder! Last christmas when decorating our christmas tree, the girls wanted to hang fairies and put a beautiful queen fairy as the tree topper. So off I went, looking online for fairies/angels and tree toppers that represented myself and my girls.

I’m an amazon/ebay/etsy/ queen, and after 3 days of searching I finally found some Christmas ornaments of colour BUT they were being shipped from the USA with a £20 postage and package fee!

Why should we pay so much just to see fairies and angels that look like us? We ended up using a Black Barbie as a tree topper!

So Alison and I decided to create a range of festive decorations that represented US. This is just the beginning and we hope you will join us on this journey to add a splash of colour, to your White Christmas.

Alison's Vision

I have to admit that I am a big kid at heart, so raising my daughter and doing “all things kids” is a lot of fun.

Naturally, we love Christmas and year on year, I try to find new decorations to put that special spin on Christmas at home, Plus, I seem to have inherited the role of Christmas Host recently, so I have to make that extra effort.

After a never ending search to find festive ornaments etc that look like us, Natalie and I decided to create our own range and bring them to market ourselves! Seeing the kids’ faces light up when they feel represented on the Christmas tree is just magical and these products are long overdue in the UK.
We are very excited to take the first steps into building this business.

Take a look at the products, they are guaranteed to be one of the talking points of your Christmas!